Group coaching is the coaching of individuals within a group context. Group members take turns to be the focal point while the other group members become part of the coaching resource for that individual.


The group of people may then have a shared interest but no collective responsibility to deliver results (Hawkins and Turner 2020). For example, different departmental and phase heads from across a school or group practicing appraisal and feedback techniques. 

We facilitate the sessions with your group providing learning and support to its members with the aim of increasing communication, learning and development.


Discover how to: 

  • Develop a collective understanding of how to overcome challenges in your setting. 

  • Identify areas for professional development and enable group members to support each other.

  • Encourage individuals to share expertise to positively challenge and develop other group members. 

  • Translate individual strengths into lasting success and change readiness.

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"Nicholas is a highly talented and effective leadership coach who has worked closely with Search Associates and many of our candidates and member schools since early 2018, always with impressive results. I can strongly recommend him".
David Cope, Director of School Relations, Search Associates, UK.

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