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We support your team with defining and executing collective tasks whilst also developing the team itself through improved performance, learning and engagement.


Discover how to: 

  • Develop your individual and your team’s strengths and how to link these to improved performance.

  • Identify and celebrate the individual talents within your team and how to achieve performance objectives.

  • Encourage teams to use their strengths in complementary ways, and apply these to team habits.

  • Align team strengths to deal effectively with complex challenges.

  • Use developmental recommendations to strengthen team performance.

Team coaching

Team coaching

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“Coaching has been fundamental both to the development and wellbeing of our Principals and School Director. The coaching programme for each of them and their schools, led by Nicholas McKie, has been a major contributing factor to that success. Every member of staff involved has commented on the quality of the coaching”.

Brian Cooklin, Managing Director, Nord Anglia, Europe.

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"Nicholas has a breadth of knowledge and authenticity that commands instant respect from his peers and consequently for any group of educators lucky enough to find themselves working with him and the Persyou team."

Dianne Riley, Director of boarding and pastoral care, CATS Boston, US

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