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Persyou – Cancellation Policy

a) Changes to appointments – Missing an appointment/session without notice is considered a paid appointment. At least 24 hours’ notice of change is required.

b) Cancellation Fees Schedule: Once payment has been received (full or part payment) and the Contract is signed, then it is a condition that if there is then a cancellation of the whole course by the Customer (given in writing by means of written notice), the following occurs:  Cancellation Fees Schedule

More than 60 days’ notice before the first session: 100% of fees repaid.

30 to 60 days’ notice before the first session: 75% of fees repaid.

15 to 29 days’ notice before the first session: 50% of fees repaid.

Less than 15 days’ notice before the first session:
0% refund.

c) Any changes or cancellations by either party after the first session has started – there must be 48 hours’ written notice of change or cancellation in writing by the Customer or Persyou Limited. All appointments thereafter are potentially refundable minus expenses based on an assessment.

d) Persyou Limited can deduct any sums owed under this Contract from the pre-paid sum as invoiced. The worked-on stages will be provided as required.  For the avoidance of doubt any appointment or stage that is the next required stage in the calendar is a chargeable event unless cancelled. From that point any stages thereafter will be potentially refunded minus expenses. For example, if there are 6 stages or more in a course and the course is cancelled when the second appointment is due then a refund will be provided from the third stage onwards to the agreed length of the course. This applies whether the Customer or Persyou Limited cancels. All worked-on sessions and expenses are payable.   

e) It is a condition that should a missed appointment or cancellation or any proper notice of change is provided by the Customer to Persyou Limited, the Customer recognises, understands and acknowledges there will be reasonable expenses and losses incurred by Persyou Limited. The signing of the Customer’s written acceptance is full acceptance of this condition. The Customer is therefore deemed to have read and understood and acknowledges and confirms acceptance of this condition, which is that any reasonable costs and expenses for a missed appointment or cancellation of the course or notice of change are payable to Persyou Limited. Any pre-payment of funds held on account by Persyou Limited can be used to recover such incurred costs and expenses following 48 hours’ written notice to the Customer. Incurred expenses by Persyou Limited will be subject to assessment by Persyou Limited in each individual case. The Customer will be provided with the appropriate evidence of incurred reasonable expenses with the notice to which the Customer will be obligated to pay to Persyou Limited on demand. 

Review of this Policy

We keep this Policy under regular review. This Policy was last updated in September 2023.

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