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All services can be delivered virtually, face to face and blended.

Our range of comprehensive solutions cover the following: 


One to one executive leadership coaching


Group, team and organisational-wide leadership coaching and development 


Designing and facilitating bespoke coaching and leadership training


One to one coaching

Our individual coaching is a collaborative partnership that provides you with space to stand back and explore how you can learn and develop new ways of thinking.   


Discover how to:

• Assess your personal strengths and explore how these can be developed to improve your overall leadership effectiveness across your setting.

• Assess your performance risks, including weaker areas and overdone strengths to achieve performance objectives.

• Set professional goals and explore your relationship with others in your current context.

• Look at ways to use strengths more effectively to raise your performance and effectively engage with a range of stakeholders.

• Handle the demands of your role and stay connected to your authentic self.

• Define career aspirations.


Group coaching

Group coaching is the coaching of individuals within a group context. Group members take turns to be the focal point while the other group members become part of the coaching resource for that individual.


The group of people may then have a shared interest but no collective responsibility to deliver results (Hawkins and Turner 2020). For example, different departmental and phase heads from across a school or group practicing appraisal and feedback techniques. 

We facilitate the sessions with your group providing learning and support to its members with the aim of increasing communication, learning and development.


Discover how to: 

• Develop a collective understanding of how to overcome challenges in your setting. 

• Identify areas for professional development and enable group members to support each other.

• Encourage individuals to share expertise to positively challenge and develop other group members. 

• Translate individual strengths into lasting success and change readiness.


Team coaching

Team coaching is the coaching of a whole team that has a collective purpose and objective which all members are jointly responsible for fulfilling. For example, a senior leadership team establishing mission and vision. 

We support your team with defining and executing collective tasks whilst also developing the team itself through improved performance, learning and engagement. 


Discover how to:

• Develop your individual and your team’s strengths and how to link these to improved performance.

• Identify and celebrate the individual talents within your team and how to achieve performance objectives.

• Encourage teams to use their strengths in complementary ways, and apply these to team habits.

• Align team strengths to deal effectively with complex challenges.

• Use developmental recommendations to strengthen team performance.

"Nicholas is a highly talented and effective leadership coach who has worked closely with Search Associates and many of our candidates and member schools since early 2018, always with impressive results. I can strongly recommend him".
David Cope, Director of School Relations, Search Associates, UK.

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Discover our interactive courses ranging from one day to year-long programmes both face to face and virtually:

Fundamentals of coaching

This course is for people new to coaching. 


The course will equip you with the basic coaching skills and approaches to help drive improvement in your setting. You will leave with an enhanced understanding of coaching techniques and with a ‘toolbox’ of practical skills and activities which will allow you to engage in impactful coaching conversations. 

Advanced coaching

This course is designed for people already coaching in their setting. 

You will extend your knowledge of coaching to help nurture, accelerate and support the growth of your staff. You will explore more complex coaching tools and leave with a developed sense of the wider impact coaching can bring through systemic and transformative coaching domains.  

Aspiring to leadership

This reflective course is aimed at middle leaders and senior leaders new to post.


You will explore and discover attributes that make great educational leadership. We will take a critical look at the differences between leadership and management through the lens of various leadership models and explore how to communicate your vision. You will leave with a greater understanding of your own leadership style going forward.

Developing your leadership brand

This course is aimed at middle and senior leaders. 

It provides an innovative and reflective approach to developing leadership, through creating awareness of how you are currently operating both individually, in your leadership teams and school wide. You will explore your ‘zone of peak performance’ and begin to establish your own individual Leadership brand helping you maximise impact in your setting.